The firm's  lawyers represent clients at every stage of development. We provide a full range of legal services and advices in these areas:

  • Corporate & Corporate Governance.

  • Oil & Gas and Renewable.  

  • Transportation & Shipping .

  • Infrastructure & Construction.

  • Military contracts and Aeronautics.

  • Real-estate Development.

  • Banking, Islamic Finance,  Financial Institutions and Capital Market.

  • Intellectual Property& Patent.

  • Health care  & Pharmaceutical, (Manufacturing & Sales).

  •  Legislative Drafting.

The sectors we work in include as well:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Arbitration, Litigation and Dispute Resolution.

As well as International Law, Telecoms & Technology, labor law,  International Investment law, Education,  hotels &  insurance.

Each area comprises focused teams dedicated to delivering incisive legal advices. Our lawyers’ advice domestically; under all Commercial & trade laws, Procurement law, Companies Regulations and Shirai'a Principles & Rules in local and cross-border transactions; on day-to-day operations.